About Me

Hi, my name is Solomon Ekrebe. I'm a Frontend Developer based in Abuja, Nigeria.

I have a strong passion for clean UIs. And love creating scalable websites and mobile apps with a focus on accessibility.

I started my tech career in 2017 as a freelance WordPress designer. But it was not until 2019 that I committed to Frontend Development after taking refresher courses on Responsive Web Design, Advanced Programming Concepts and Data Structures / Algorithms.

I've spent the past year building and maintaining KindleNG, a utility bill payment application. Working on this project got me deeply immersed in the React(JS/Native) ecosystems.

Before diving into tech, I served as a Transaction Officer in a commercial bank. I often tackle coding from a structural-risk perspective. And by the way, I still wear a suit and a tie to the office sometimes:-

In my spare time you'll find me playing educational games with my 3-year-old daughter; or enjoying the thrills of an action-packed crime/investigative movie. I also love hip hop music and swimming.

Let's talk!

Are you looking to collaborate on an interesting project or just want to chat? I'll be super excited to hear from you!
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